Welcome to The Nerdy Stuff!


Hi Sciborgs!  

I’m excited to welcome you all to the official launch of The Nerdy Stuff, an online science magazine/blog that aims to change the way the majority of science is presented. I wanted to create a platform that would showcase science in an aesthetically pleasing manner – one that would cater to the average woman aged 12-40. For too long, science has been a world belonging solely to men: tech-oriented and masculine. For a woman to have respect in the scientific community, she had to adapt to the male-driven society that already existed. Why should she have to lose her femininity?

As women, we like nerdy things; we like science fiction and techy gadgets, we like the inner workings of the human body and the intricacies of sub-oceanic organisms. On the flip side, many of us also enjoy glamour and femininity, soft and pretty things. Why shouldn’t science encompass all of these qualities?

My goal at The Nerdy Stuff is to bring you closer to science in a way that will be enjoyable and easy, while also presenting it in a beautiful manner that is that is as simple and pleasing as scrolling through a fashion blog.

For now, there will be a new post every two weeks. I hope to eventually incorporate music videos and interactive material, as well as Nerdy Stuff merch! If you have any ideas or suggestions, you can leave feedback at the end of each post, or via the Got Questions? page.

I hope you enjoy our bi-weekly posts, and be sure to check us out and follow us on social media:

Instagram: @wearenerdy

Tumblr: thenerdystuff.tumblr.com

Science is already beautiful - we just present it that way.

See you inside!

Eia Jorlene

Founder and Chief Editor of The Nerdy Stuff